Summertime House Buying

best_summer_ever“How I Spent My Summer Vacation….”  As kids, most of us remember writing a paper at some point in our lives detailing how we spent our summer months.  Trips to the pool or the lake, summer camp, camping, family vacations, riding bikes, hiking, summer jobs, lemonade stands, or chasing the ice cream truck down the street.  Each of these memories could be a part of your summer activities as they have been a part of mine.  However, for many, summertime is for moving, as well.

Sixty-four percent of all houses sold during the year will be sold during the months of May to August.  Therefore, if it is your plan to get in on the house-buying action of 2015, you must get educated, organized and gather your home buying team (Lender, Realtor. Inspectors, Attorney, Insurance Agent).

How do you shop? Where do you start? Who should be on your team?  Where do you find your team members?  Many of these essential questions are addressed at the monthly “MY TENNESSEE HOUSE” Home Buyers Seminars offered in Franklin and Spring Hill.  Please join us this week in Franklin – Tuesday, June 23, 7-8pm at the Franklin Whole Foods Community Room.


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